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In the McDonald’s and I-HOP shopping center in Eastlake

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Next to Scripps Hospital between H Street and G Street.

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Really loved my visit at the optometry

Really loved my visit at the optometry. Last year, I went with Pack & Bianes, and the optometrist told me I had prism. My PCP referred me to this optometry suggesting that I need to do an eye exam redo. My whole visit took about 30 minutes including the wait and consultation, etc. To my surprise, the staff is efficient and so is the doctor. The doctor told me that I didn't have prism, and its really rare for people to get it, especially at a young age. I can tell that the people who work here both enjoy working here while getting along with everyone in the room. It's not like a serious business setting, where they try to upsell you things that you really dont need like... at Pack & Bianes, they made me dilate my eyes (even though I had healthy eyes, but they wanted $15 for it), tried to get me to have an expensive transition prescription lenses (which I could get the genric one), or pay extra for 100% UV light protection when the polycarbonate comes with a 99% UV light protection. Things like thst irritated me at Pack & Bianes.

Plus at this optometry place, the doctor knew what I needed and addressed my concerns, and he didn't attempt to sell me a bunch of sponsored stuff that I don't really need.

- Kevin N. Chula Vista, 9/29/2016