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Eastlake Vision
Clear Vision

In the McDonald’s and I-HOP shopping center in Eastlake

Next to Scripps Hospital between H Street and G Street.

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(619) 831-6673

Eastlake Vision
In the McDonald’s and I-HOP shopping center in Eastlake

(619) 431-3944

Clear Vision
Next to Scripps Hospital between H Street and G Street.

Emergencias Oculares en Chula Vista, CA

Eye emergencies - Optometrists in Chula Vista

We offer emergency services that require immediate and urgent attention. Our eye doctors have the latest technology and experience with eye infections, scratched eyes, painful or itchy eyes and many other types of eye infections. We accept most health insurance plans.

Eye Emergencies in Chula Vista, CA

It is not always clear enough when we should go to the emergency room, especially in the case of danger to the eyes.
Please call us if you have an eye emergency of any kind.

Call us - Optometrist in Chula Vista, CA 619-431-3944 [/ button]


Video on the use of lenses and eye care, industrial safety.

Visit Our Optometrists In Chula, Vista

Advanced equipment is used in the clinics of Dr. Efrain Mascareño for his eye examination. Complete eye exams for adults and children, co-management of laser vision correction surgery, eye emergency care and much more. Optometrists at our Rockford clinic are eye doctors for patients of all ages. Please call us and we will assist you in Spanish.

More Causes of Eye Emergencies

Any injury to the eyelid can be a sign of serious injury to the eye itself. Foreign body in the eye and corneal lesions

The cornea is the clear (transparent) tissue that covers the front of the eye. Dust, sand and other debris can easily enter the eye. Persistent pain and redness are signs that treatment is required. A foreign body in the eye can be a threat to vision if the object enters the eye itself or damages the cornea or lens. Also, foreign bodies thrown at high speeds by machines, polishers or the fact of hammering metal offer the highest risk.

We accept most health insurance plans

Dr. Efrain Mascareño Optometrista in Chula Vista



Dear Patient,

As of March 19, both of our locations are closed for routine eye exams.

We’re are scheduling routine eye exams for May.

You can request your next appointment for May here on this website

or if you prefer you can call us at 619-421-5550 during our updated office hours:


10am- 3pm


*We will extend, on a case by case basis, the expiration date of your contact lens   prescription so you can order contacts lenses.

*We are offering free shipping when you order at least 2 boxes.

You can order online on this website or email us at

Picking up current Eyeglasses and contacts orders*We ask that you call ahead of time to arrange pick-ups of Eyeglasses and contact lenses*All balances are paid upon delivery and can be taken over the phone in advance.

Please call before you come to our office since our doors are locked.

Our top priority is the health and well-being of our patients, families, staff, and community.  In this unprecedented time, we are deeply committed to keeping everyone safe.

We did not make this decision lightly. We will continue to evaluate the situation as it evolves and determine on a weekly basis when it is appropriate for us to return to our normal business hours.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We wish all of you continued health and strength during this challenging time.


Drs. Mascareno, Boeck, Ardakani & Staff