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Eastlake Vision

In the McDonald’s and I-HOP shopping center in Eastlake

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Clear Vision

Next to Scripps Hospital between H Street and G Street.

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Spy +

Spy +Spy Optics is the creator of innovative performance sunwear and sports eyewear driven by an ideal to pursue happiness and live life to the fullest. While Spy offers an impressive number of eyewear collections each appealing to a different model of style, the common thread that runs through them is high quality and exceptional performance – the best in the industry.

Spy’s innovative Happy Lens™ was developed after years of research which has resulted in the unique technology designed the filter out the “bad”, harmful rays of the sun, while allowing the transmission of the “good” rays. These good rays have actually have been shown to enhance mood and alertness, allowing you to not only see better, but actually feel better when looking through the Happy Lens. The polarized, Happy Lens™ has color and contrast-enhancing design so you can see a clear and crisp vision before your eyes to improve visual performance and comfort.

Spy eyewear offers an edgy option for every man and woman, with a large selection of colors, styles and genres to fit your mood and personality. Playing with materials, colors, shapes and embellishments, Spy offers a cool, quality frame for any image you visualize.

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